In another life, in another world, in another dimension - everything aligns.

Joana is an artist and visionary in fashion, art, and music. After growing up in the Midwest, she moved to California in search of warm weather and inspiration obtaining a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2003. Taking a brief hiatus from Los Angeles, Joana brought her street art influence back to the Midwest co-founding the design collective Colourelectrik. The project was her first experiment in graphics and branding, creating promotional material for the thriving local electronic music scene. Returning to Los Angeles in 2007, Joana continued working in the fashion industry while establishing connections with like minded artists and designers. During this time Joana joined Tara LaPlante in co-founding Futra. As the Art Director she creates the visual experience for the brand and is a curator for their multimedia events. Highly influenced by the Minimalist movement and culture, Joana co-launched fashion label Black And Greige in 2014. The label quickly gained recognition and provided grounds for collaborations with major retail giants like Urban Outfitters.  Currently, in addition to her role with Futra, Joana also acts as Art Director and contributor for the creative agency Ysidras, creates graphic content for the underground experimental music label Anthem Aestheticá, and continues to push herself creatively through many mediums.  Her elegant, edgy, and minimal style is key in creating her signature look.  Joana's social media alias 9Millionlives serves as an outlet for her visual inspirations, personal compositions, and upcoming projects. 

-"FULL SPECTRUM" Artwork by 9Millionlives